Header Tags Importance In SEO

Header Tags Importance In SEO

There are many complex strategies for search engine optimization that serves as the core elements to increase the ranking of a website on search engine result pages. Businesses or organizations develop the customized techniques that fit with their business type and the target audience, but some SEO strategies are important equally for all businesses like H1 and H2 tags. These tags serve as the main window through which the visitor get a hint of what topic that specific content covers.

Header 1 and Header 2 tags have a considerable impact on the ranking and visibility of a website’s content or blogs.


What are H1 and H2 Tags?

Header 1 tags comprise of the title of a content or blog. It is the largest title of the page represents the main topic. Search engines use various analytical processes to determine the user behavior when browsing or visiting a certain page. Header 1 texts are the first title that could grab the attention of a reader so it must be optimized according to the relevancy of the content in an engaging way. People search for the topic and search engines show hundreds of related pages or websites. In the crowd of pages, a unique and interesting title can catch the eye of your customers or prospects.

Visitors want to know more about the page before click on it for further reading. Header 2 depicts the precise information about the website as the subtitles or subheadings are shown in the result pages. Through H2 tags, a visitor finally decides whether to visit that website or not.


H1 to H6 Tags:

In the total H1 to H6 tags the most important is H1 tag. H3-H6 tags represent the further headings and sub headings in the content. The degree of affecting the SEO decreases down to the list from H1 to H6 tags. Search engines rely on H1 and H2 tags more for visibility.


The Value of H1 and H2 Tags in SEO:

Your website’s ranking on SERPs and visibility depends on how smartly you implement the search engine optimization strategies. There are many businesses offering the same services or products as you. The distinct techniques are desired which aids you in high ranking and enhanced visibility to your customers. Optimization of header 1 and header 2 tags is meant to make the title and subtitle influential and compelling for the visitors which lead them to open your website.

Bounce rate, the time the user takes to stay on a website and others are the key factors that search engines consider to rank a website. A relevant H1 tag and the persuasive H2 tag will reduce the bounce rate and increase the dwelling time of the target audience on your pages, therefore helping out in getting high ranking on search engine result pages. Once your audience is attracted by the H1 and H2 tags of your website and clicks to visit, the effective on-page SEO techniques will lead to the conversions and transactions.


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