SEO Audit & Competitive Analysis Services

SEO Audit & Competitive Analysis Services

SEO audit is an extended analysis of the website from the view of the search engine. This assessment gives you insight and understanding of the factors that are required to be improved in order to fulfil the demand of quality website by the Google. At Seoexperts, we provide complete SEO audit and in-depth competitive analysis services.


Extensive SEO Audit and Competitive Analysis Services in Dubai:

Poor structure websites having technical issues cause a barrier for high ranking and prevent the search engines from understanding the services or products you are providing. Our experts review your website to identify the opportunities and weaknesses needed to improve the position on search results and maximize the visibility for your target audience.

We assess the strategies of your competitors, taking inspirations and knowledge from the strategies and techniques to explore the channels for your progress and financial benefits. From the backlink profile to the techniques that dominate their influence in the market, we examine the strategies that help you in the steady growth of the business.


What is included in our SEO audit?

SEO audit shows the lacking points of your website that are needed to be optimized for proper indexation. It reveals the potentials of the website that can make the website search engine friendly. Our analysis services enable you to identify the successful strategies of your competitors and implement the best in your business to stand out in your industry.

  • Detailed keyword research:

We check and research for the competitive keywords and identify the set of most relevant and specific keywords. The search behaviour of the user is a key aspect that permits to find the keywords. Our experts are involved in the detailed analysis of the users and consider the best-suited keywords.

  • Content Audit:

This includes the review of content structure, titles, placement of keywords, internal page links and navigation on the website. We also consider the image optimization, duplicate content, relevancy, uniqueness and originality of the content.

  • Website structure audit and technical Audit:

Website structure and design are crucial for smooth user experience and crawl-ability of the search engines. We examine the website speed, mobile performance factor and user engagement on the website. The technical aspects to be checked are indexation, URL structure, tags and meta tags, duplication in URL structure and XML and HTML markups.


Competitor research and analysis:

We research your chief competitors, ranking of their website pages, content strategy, keywords ranking, metric of the ranked content for social links, relevancy and formats. We use advanced tools and knowledge to get the information and recommend you the strategies that have the potential to give you maximum output.

Taking deep insights of competitor strategies, you are able to take appropriate actions and devise the plan to run your campaigns more efficiently. Competitor research is generally included in the SEO strategy of brands but a review from the third professional eye can help you to get suggestions for stronger online presence and revenue increment.