Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO

For high ranking on result pages that ultimately make your website visible to the target audience is the basic concept behind search engine optimization. The high priority and critical point to consider is the black hat SEO techniques that can badly affect your reputation on a search engine if your website gets banned by it. The fast race of going ahead of others in ranking on Google and other search results let some business on the track of executing black hat search engine optimization strategies. This will give you a short-term success but you will have to pay its cost through excluding your website from the sight of millions of users.


What Negative Effects Your Business Have to Bear when Penalized?

The standard guidelines of Google for ranking the websites are getting strict with time to ensure that the best quality and highly relevant content will be shown on search engine result pages upon any query. This algorithm can take those websites under punishment that deflect from the standard techniques. In the digital era, Google has made the algorithm restrict as to select the best one from the huge website crowd. If you implement sanctioned SEO strategies, search engines will penalize your website and de-indexed it. SERPs are the visibility port of your website and you will lose it when you violate the SEO rules. The spammy strategies of black hat SEO affect your visibility from target audience hence no traffic from the biggest source.


Common Black Hat SEO Techniques are:

Following are the methods that can lead your website or for which you have the authority to report for black hat search engine optimization strategies. These strategic plans should not be applied as they are against the ethics and breach the guidelines that Google has set for fair ranking on SERPs.

  • Spinning of article
  • Content duplication
  • Stuffing of keywords
  • Doorway pages
  • Pages corrupted with malicious viruses and malware
  • Redirects
  • Cloaking
  • Parasite hosting
  • Comment spamming
  • Hidden text or links
  • Link farming
  • Stuffing in meta tags and descriptions
  • Rich snippet markup spam
  • Link buying
  • Wrong reporting for black hat spam


Other Cases on which Black Hat SEO can be Reported:

These are the issues for which black hat SEO strategies can be reported. 

  • Legal or copyright issues
  • Private or personal
  • Phishing
  • Offensive or objectionable content


Google Webmaster Tools for Reporting Black Hat SEO:

It is an important tool to report and request action to the issues like spammy links or any kind of website hack and others if required. You can report the complaint about your competitor’s black hat SEO but only if assured or you will get a penalty for the wrong report.

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